Characteristics of Our Solutions

Whether we deliver an e-business solution or an enabling technology, we expect our software to exhibit the following characteristics:

Rapid Deployment – a solution that goes online too late may not be a solution at all. Our approach to development shrinks development cycles, providing an initial solution in as little as six weeks.

Scalable – business success should not lead to solution failure. The best way to insure future scalability is the make use of industry leading application servers, databases, middleware, and other infrastructure. Also, our design philosophy keeps the business logic from depending on any specific infrastructure.

Adaptable – today's solution seldom solves tomorrow's challenges. Business rules change; business workflow changes; business relationships change. We design solutions to support adaptation and growth.

Technologies we Employ

We know that no technology is appropriate to every problem. We rely on industry leading providers of proven technologies, appropriate for the problem. For significant e-business requirements, and underlying enablers, these technologies represent our most important tools.

EJB - BEA Weblogic Application Server Familymore ->
XML - DOM, SAX, XML Serversmore ->
Metadata - MOF, XMI, OIM, Java Reflectionmore ->
CORBA - Inprise Visibroker, JavaIDL, CosNamingmore ->
UML - component modeling, UML repositories, UML metamodel, Rational Rosemore ->
JNDI - service providers, CosNaming/JNDI
integrationmore ->
JDBC - Oracle 8i, object-database mappingmore ->
RMI - distributed objects & classes, RMI
over iiopmore ->
Project Services

In many cases, we can be most effective in providing the client's solution by developing the whole solution. We can also extract a definable portion of the requirements and implement that part, working closely with other developers toward integration. We can work directly with the client, or in support of another solution provider.

Because of our breadth of experience, our flexibility, and a strong desire to help the client, we can provide support for any project phase, and can work with a variety of tools and methods.

Contractual Arrangements

Because of our high productivity, we are able to engage in fixed-price contracts. We are flexible in our arrangements, working through a variety of risk-allocation approaches.

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Java Supports Delivery
of these Important Characteristics

Rapid Deployment - the language, IDEs, and application servers shorten development effort;

Scalable - the Java infrastructure available today supports many of the highest traffic e-commerce sites; and

Adaptable - the dynamic nature of Java, its interfaces, and reflective capabilities helps us make flexible systems.