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Our Approach to Development

Objectrad develops software solutions at our Temecula, California site while collaborating closely with our clients. We use a streamlined development approach, to bring solutions online in a very short time.

Collaborating with our Clients

The single most important factor in project success is communication and collaboration with the clients and users. We make use of e-collaboration tools in a Project Portal, along with the necessary in-person work. Just as the internet is radically changing many businesses, the way software is developed will change dramatically.

Developing the client solution at our site, with intense client collaboration, provides both the shared vision and technology transfer of on-site teamwork, with the faster development and lower resource requirements of off-site work.

Streamlined Development

Never before has time played such a critical characteristic in business success. Organizations that are slow to adapt, slow to decide, and slow to bring e-business solutions to their customers and vendors are at an enormous disadvantage.

We understand these new intense pressures, and we make sure our development process minimizes the time to bring solutions online. Two key factors streamline our development activities.

Small Iterative Cycles - Our goal is to bring up an initial solution in a matter of weeks. Then, depending on the project scope, we continue to iterate over small development cycles, every four to six weeks. The small iterative cycles provide:

  • earliest availability of a limited capability solution
  • better shared understanding of the requirements and expectations, through feedback on each release
  • tangible, measurable project status

Every activity must add value - many software development methods and processes have been advocated over the years, to increase quality and productivity. One thing we know works to shorten development time without sacrificing quality - let the developers focus on building and testing the solution. We look at each ancillary activity, document, and meeting, and make sure that it is necessary and that it adds value to the solution in proportion to the resources required.

Advantages of Working with Us

Working with Objectrad gives the client the advantages of both on-site and outsourced development. With Objectrad doing the development at our site, by a highly-productive, close-knit team, the solution is available faster, at a lower cost. By collaborating closely with the client organization, both through on-site visits and electronic collaboration, the client still has the close project supervision and input as when the development is on-site. If the client has its own development organization, they have the opportunity to become familiar with the software and the technologies employed, while the project is proceeding.