Although the current set of application servers and components can greatly accelerate solution development, they are not always the right fit. We have the expertise to help you develop enabling technologies, either for your own enterprise infrastructure or for your product development.

Check out the Java Server product we built for a global IT company. We expect them to roll out this product soon. The project provides a good example of our Java Server development capabilities.

As a BEA WebLogic Partner, we provide e-commerce, business-to-business, and intranet solutions build on the WebLogic EJB Servers. WebLogic/EJB provides the application server environment, so we can focus directly on your solution. We can bring your application online in as little as two months. Using EJB's component-based approach results in a flexible solution that can change and grow with your needs. BEA WebLogic's servers can support unlimited scalability, so your server can grow in capacity as well as in capabilities.

We can apply the best of the emerging XML servers and toolkits to help you create relationships with business partners and integrate your isolated solutions.

Objectrad develops scalable, adaptable e-business solutions and underlying enabling technologies within very short development cycles.

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Recent Project

The Java Server we recently developed for a Fortune 500 corporation is a great example of our enabling technology development.